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A Mexican Cook - Picado Mexican Recipe Blog

Picado Recipes

  • Enfrijoladas
    Lily Ramirez-Foran


    The recipe for Enfriojoladas (or a sort of bean flavoured enchilada) is the result of me finding a bag of frozen black beans in my freezer, which were crying to be eaten. I would have normally made some spicy refried beans, I felt I needed to give them a little more love, so ended up tweaking an old recipe and making them into a sauce for Enfrijoladas.
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  • Spooky Blue Masa & Coffee Cookies
    Lily Ramirez-Foran

    Spooky Blue Masa & Coffee Cookies

    These spooky cookies are so tasty. It's a recipe I adapted from the back of a packet of Masa-harina a few years ago. I used blue corn masa-harina, but you can make them with white one too. 

    These babies are gluten free and they don't taste like cardboard! (which is a huge achievement), they contain no nuts and they are really easy to make! You can eat them plain, or decorate them with your children as a nice afternoon project, eitherway they are delicious!

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  • Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream
    Lily Ramirez-Foran

    Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream

    This ice-cream is best made the day before. It's rich, creamy and super tasty. As a variation, I tried this recipe with a crumbled salty caramel brownie from The Wild Flour Bakery, an amazing start up bakery that sources as much organic and local ingredients as possible and the most gorgeous looking baked goods I've had in years. The Result: ice cream heaven!
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