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This section is entirely dedicated to Mexican drinks and sweets, which we have populated with some of our favourite treats.

Mexican people drink tea just as much as Irish people do, only very, very cold. We love 'aguas frescas', which in most cases are either fresh fruit juices squeezed and mixed with water and sugar, or teas that have been iced and sweeten. On cold winter days, which in my part of Mexico are not that many, we love having hot Mexican drinking chocolate. The chocolate is mixed with cinnamon, vanilla and some spices and it is served hot and frothy. 

Mexican sweets and candy tend to be either very sweet or very spicy and rarely anything in between. 'Chili sweets' are extremely popular with people of all ages, they contain the right amount of sugar to make them sweet and a touch of chili to give them a twist. Sweets made of goat's milk 'cajeta' (a sort of thick toffee sauce) or 'Dulce de Leche' are also quite popular in the North part of Mexico. So whether you like your sweets, really sweet, or with a little spicy edge, here are a few we selected that we think cover the lot.

Abuelita Mexican Drinking Chocolate, Box  
Clamato Juice  
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Horchata Syrup El Yucateco  
Jamaica / Hibiscus Flowers Dry  
Jamaica Syrup El Yucateco  
Organic Agave Syrup  
Pelon Pelo Rico  
Piloncillo, Small  
Pulparindo Single  
Pulparindo, Box  
Sangrita Viuda de Sánchez  
Tamarind Syrup El Yucateco  
Tarrito Lollipop  
Vero Elote Lollipop  
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