Chilies & Spices

No respectable household in Mexico would be without some pickled or tinned chilies and a well stocked selection of spices: pickled chilies are delicious, last for a long time in the fridge and can be used to spice up any meal. They are a great way to get your hands on difficult-to-find varieties such as tangy serranos or smoky chipotles.

Spices such as achiote, epazote or the elusive and delicious Mexican oregano are a must in any Mexican pantry, so explore the goodies in this section, they are our favourites, so hope you like them too. 

Dried Ancho Chilies  
Dried Arbol Chilies  
Dried Guajillo Chilies  
Dried Mulato Chilies  
Dried Pasilla Chilies  
Achiote Paste, El Yucateco  
Achiote Paste, La Extra  
Chipotle Chilies in Adobo, Big  
Epazote Dried, 21 grams  
La Valentina Chili and Lime Powder  
Mexican Oregano Dried  
Pickled Jalapeños, Whole  
Pickled Serrano Chilies  
Poblano Chilies, Sliced  
Poblano Chilies, Whole  
Sliced Pickled Jalapeños  
Tajin Chili and Lime Powder  
Crushed Sweet Chipotles  
Mexican Cinnamon  
Cheese Stuffed Serranos in Tomato Salsa  
Ground Avocado Leaves  
Piquin Chilies  
Sold Out
Chipotle Morita Chilies  
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