We love beans: they're full of iron, they are healthy and they fill you up. They're delicious in soups, boiled, with rice, in tostadas or tacos and of course in the classic Mexican style: refried! They are part of the staple diet of all Mexican people just as much as tortillas and chillies are. We don't have any hang ups about their colour or texture, or indeed the fact that just piled on a plate, they look highly unattractive! We just like them too much for that.

Whether you want to make them from scratch, or you want the quick option and get them tinned, we have selected a few we normally eat. Go on, have a go and eat some beans, you know what they say ' they're good for your heart, the more you eat, the more you.... '

Refried Bayo Beans, La Sierra  
Refried Beans with Chipotle  
Refried Black Beans, La Sierra  
Whole Bayo Beans, La Sierra  
Whole Beans Ranch Style  
Whole Black Beans, La Sierra  
Raw Black Beans  
Sold Out
Raw Pinto Beans  
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