Vegetarian Mexican Supper Club

Vegetarian Mexican Supper Club

First, let be clear: THIS IS NOT A COOKING CLASS! :)  If  you passed this point and you are still reading, this is a Mexican three course vegetarian meal. I'll do all the cooking, the story telling and the talking and you'll just enjoy it! I never thought I would say this, but I am digging my newly found love for vegetarian Mexican food! These days, I find myself thinking a lot about vegetarian friendly dishes in traditional Mexican food. More often than not, we have vegetarian guests for our Supper Clubs and as a carnivore I found myself pressed to produce something both delicious and vegetarian friendly for them without disappointing the meat lovers at the table. After much experimentation and a few very successful trial runs, I am finally biting the bullet and doing something special for our many vegetarian customers. Hello Veggie Supper Club! 

Join us for an evening of tasty Mexican vegetarian food and enjoy the fruits of my research and experimentation in a Mexican three course meal. Guests will receive the secret menu the day before with suggestions on wine/beer pairing as these evenings are BYOB. 

Disclaimer: we keep our supper club and classes very small and reasonably priced, and while we know life does happen, we require 10 days notice of cancellation to wave our 50% late cancellation fee.

Picado Mexican Kitchen handles wheat / gluten, sesame seeds and nuts on a regular basis, so bear that in mind when booking. 

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