Refried Black Beans, La Sierra


Refried Black Beans are one of the staples of a Mexican kitchen, and contrary to what you would expect, they are quite good for you. You see, they just have a bad name, this 'refried' lark gives you the impression that they're heavy and full of fat, but they're not!! They are simply 'cooked twice'.

These tinned ones made by La Sierra are one of my favourite. They are not only delicious, but quite good for you as black beans are full of iron. 

They're cooked with onion and salt and then pureed into a creamy paste that's ready for you to reheat on a pot or in the microwave. I adore them on toast with slices of chorizo and cheese, with tacos, spead on tostadas or just on the side with a few tortilla chips.

Detail: Refried Black Beans, 440 grams

Care: Once open, transfer to a container and refrigerate.

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