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Stone Ground Mexican Style Hot Chocolate

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This stone ground Mexican style drinking Chocolate is awesome. Trust me. I could go on and tell you how deliciously rich and creamy it is, or how it manages to find the perfect balance between the bitterness of its organic cocoa beans, the sweetness of its organic sugar and the fragrant spiciness of its Mexican cinnamon. I could tell you how it makes the most delicious mugs of hot drinking chocolate you'll have in a long, long time.... but then I would be wasting precious time you could be using on getting a disc and trying it for yourself! 

We are extremely excited to present what we hope will be the first of many delicious products in a sweet collaboration with the super talented duo at The Proper Chocolate Company. Patrick and Kelli are incredibly passionate about their craft, sourcing only the very best of cocoa beans and other ingredients to make the best bean to bar chocolate in Ireland.  They are just amazing! and we... well, we love eating their chocolate, so we sat, we chatted, we tasted and trial Patrick's delicious creations until we found the perfect balance. Give it a try, you'll never look back!

Details:  Stone Ground Mexican Style Hot Chocolate, The Proper Chocolate Company, 80 gram disc

Care: keep in a dry and cool place