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Trinidad Scorpion & Clementine Hot Sauce

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I will be an absolute lier if I say I have actually tasted this hot sauce. Sorry, I'm not mad in the head. This type of hot sauces are just for chilli heads (ie crazy people who eat crazy chillies). I have smelled this sauce and man! it's bloody hot! Please don't order it unless you have a VERY high tolerance for heat, otherwise, like my granny would say, it will burn a hole in your stomach! Juan Pablo the one who eats more chili in our team said, and I quote: "si pica bastante!" - yes, it's quite spicy!

All crazy Bastard sauces are made by an Irish man in Germany and they're dead serious about making clean products, no nasties, just natural ingredients.

Detail: Trinidad Scorpion & Clementine Hot Sauce, Crazy Bastard, 100 ml.

Care: Refrigerate after opening