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Tomatillos Whole Faro, 2.8 kg

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Tomatillos (Physalis Philadelphica) are a small green fruit about the size of a small tomato related to the family of the cape gooseberries. They are a staple ingredient all throughout Latin American countries. Also known as Mexican Tomato or Tomate de Fresadilla, these little guys grow abundantly fresh in Mexico. Surrounded by an inedible husk that gets discarded, they have a slightly tart, acidic flavour and when tinned, a delicate texture. 

They are the main ingredient for Salsa Verde and are widely used in Mexican cuisine. Delicious and nutricious. They are perfect for salsas, chutneys & preserves (as they have a high content of pectin). Perfect with an avocado salsa, great with pork and incredibly delicious as a sauce for enchiladas. Enchiladas Suizas (Swiss Enchiladas) wouldn't be the same without tomatillos. 

Don't worry about the size of the tin, as they freeze well in portions. Make sure to use the brine from the tin to freeze them in. They are very delicate and burst easily, so use a spoon to transfer them to a freezing container or bag. Freeze them in individual portions for salsa (I split the tin into 4 portions).

Detail: Whole Tomatillos, Faro, 2.8 Kilo 

Care: Once opened, use immediately or portion the tin contents (including the brine) and freeze.