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Tamales Masa-Harina

by Maseca
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This Tamal Masa-Harina in 1 kilo bag is specially made to make one Mexico's most traditional and ancient dishes: Tamales. Tamales are parcels made of maize dough, stuffed with either savoury or sweet fillings, wrapped in a dried corn husk or a cured banana leaf and steam till soft and fluffy. It is said that tamales have been eaten in Mexico for over 5000 years!

I love making a big bunch and freezing them. I used to use plain masa-harina, which is more refined in texture, but then I discovered this one and found out that the texture of my tamales was way better. The flour is naturally gluten free, made of 100% maize, with no artificial flavours or colourings and no preservatives, although sadly, it does contain GMOs. It is a coarser flour than the regular masa-harina used to make corn tortillas, so the tamales come out crumbly and with a delicious grainy texture to them. I love using it as you can tell the difference.

The maize used in this flour has been cooked in an ancient process call nixtamalization, which basically soaks the kernels in an alkaline solution made of limestone and water, that makes the kernels easier to ground and much more nutritious, plus it gives the flour a gorgeous earthy taste. 

Detail: Masa-Harina, Tamales, 1 kilo bag

Care: store your tamal masa-harina like any other flour, in a cool and dry place, properly sealed in its bag or in a container.