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Poblano Peppers Strips

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Poblano Chilies are large, shiny, dark-green, cone-shaped peppers grown fresh in the region of Puebla, Mexico. One of the most popular chilies, it is the chili crop with the most hectares planted in Mexico. Poblano chilies are quite meaty, generally mild in heat, but incredibly flavoursome. They smell heavenly too! When dried, they become Ancho chilies and certain varieties of Poblano chilies go on to become dried Mulato chilies too. 

These tinned poblanos have been charred and peeled (a job that's quite labour intense when you get them fresh); they are also conveniently sliced in strips, so a lot of the hard work has been done for you. They are perfect for making poblano rajas, arroz poblano, poblano cream and many other delicious Mexican dishes. I adore them! 

Detail: Poblano Chilli Strips, San Miguel, 200 grams

Care: refrigerate once open and use within 3 days.