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Precooked Mexican Red Rice


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I'm not a fan of premade things, but precooked rice is actually incredibly popular in Mexico. This Verde Valle Mexican Red Rice is super tasty and really easy to make. You can cook it on the hob or in the microwave and you can say good bye to mussy rice and up your Mexican night game! Mexican red rice traditionally has peas and carrots and it is one of our most tipical side dishes, super versatile. 

Cooking Instructions: 

On the hob:

  1. Put 260 mls of water into a pot. Bring it to the boil and add the contents of the pack. Season to taste. Stirr to incorporate.
  2. Lower the heat and simmer for 5 minutes.
  3. Remove from the heat, stirr the rice with a fork to fluff it and cover the pot to rest the rice until you are serving it.  

On the microwave:

  1. Put 260 mls of water and the contents of the pack of rice into a large plastic or glass bowl. Season to taste, stirr to combine and microwave for 5 minutes on high. (timings may change depending on your microwave model)
  2. Remove from the microwave and fluff the rice with a fork. Rest covered until serving. 

Details: Precooked Mexican Red Rice, 140 g, Verde Valle. Contains Soy. It may contain milk, gluten and sulfites. 

Care: Keep in a cool, dry place. Once opened, used entirely.