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Pozole Kernels / Hominy, 800g

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Pozole Kernels, also known as hominy, are large corn kernels that are round, soft, almost floury in texture. It is from the variety known as Cacahuacintle and it has been used in cooking pozole soup since Aztec times.

These tinned corn kernels are ready cooked and made by OvarB. They are specially used to make Pozole, which is a Mexican soup or stew made with either chicken or pork and white maize kernels that has been made by the indiginous Mexican people for centuries. In some coastal parts of Mexico, they make it from dried and fresh shrimp. Deliciously hearty, this soup is served with a dash of lime juice, chili flakes, fresh radishes, raw onion, oregano and freshly made tostadas. Absolutely amazing.

These kernels freeze really well. 

Detail: Pozole Kernels / Hominy, Carey, 800 grams

Care: use immediately after opening or freeze contents of tin.