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Mic's Chilli Of Foam and Furry Hot Sauce

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Mic's Chilli has done it again folks! This super tasty sauce combines the fruitiness and spice from habanero chilies with the hops from Galway Bay Brewery's double IPA. This sauce is a slow burner with quite a good heat level and very tasty grapefruit notes. 

With the quirky name Of Foam and Fury, this hot double IPA sauce took me a little while to get into, but once I found how amazingly tasty it is drizzle over my pork carnita tacos, I couldn't get enough of it! Perfect combination and 100% Irish product! Oh and don't worry about alcohol content, this one is 0.0%!!

Detail: Mic's Chlli Hot Double IPA Sauce, of Foam and Fury, 155 grams

Care: Refrigerate after opening and consume within three months.