Oaxacan Drinking Chocolate

Oaxacan Drinking Chocolate


I'm beyond excited to be stocking the amazing Mayordomo drinking chocolate from Oaxaca. Incredibly beautiful and grainy, this classic chocolate with its iconic square bars is absolutely to die for! 

Made the traditional way in small molinos (mills), this chocolate is 100% natural with carefully selected and sourced ingredients. The company has a strong commitment to local cacao bean farmers and supports local employment. The chocolate is sweet, grainy, with a taste of cinnamon and hints of almond to it. Very, very traditional taste.  if you go to Oaxaca, their store is a must see! You can order your own mix and it's milled in front of you to your own specifications! Absolutely charming place!

All this deliciousness and social conscious comes at a pretty hefty price, but I believe it's absolutely worth it for a socially responsible Mexican owned enterprise. 

Detail: Oaxacan Drinking Chocolate, Mayordomo, 500 grams

Care: store in a cool, dry place. 

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