Sliced Nopalitos in Brine


Nopalitos or Nopales, are the leaves or pads from a cactus plant native of Mexico which is commonly used as a fresh vegetable in many Mexican dishes. When fresh, they have a similar flavour to green beans. They are high in fiber, vitamines and minerals and very low in fat. This Nopalitos made by Azteca, have been sliced and gently cooked to be preserved in a salty brine. They are delicious in salads, with scrambled eggs, in tacos or cooked in salsa. 

To use them, I recommend you to drain them into a colander and wash them with fresh water a couple of times to remove any excess salt. Always taste the dish before adding any salt to it too as it might not need it. I like these nopalitos cooked with guajillo chili sauce and added to a feta cheese salad. Really good for you.

Details: Sliced Nopalitos in Brine, 1 kilo bag

Care: keep in a dry, cool place.

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