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Dried Guajillo Chilies

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Guajillo Chilies are bright-red coloured, thin, long chilies with a shiny, almost velvety skin. They're very mild in heat. They have a subtle green tea flavour with mild berry overtones to them.

Guajillos start life as a 'Mirasol' fresh chili, which grows in pretty vertical bunches in a bush, always 'looking or pointing at the sun' (hence their name 'mira-sol' or looking at the sun).

They are super popular to make tamales, rubs, pastes, moles and many other Mexican dishes. I absolutely love their vibrant red colour and the delicious flavour they add to stews and soups. Amazing in a potato mash too! Since they're dried, they last for ages in an airtight container and are easy to use in every day cooking. 

Often used in combination with cascabel dried chilies for a killer paste! 

Detail: Dried Guajillo Chilies, Picado, 50 grams

Care: Store in a sealed bag or container and keep in a dry cool place