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Garnacha Habanero Salsa

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This habanero salsa by Garnacha is deliciously one of my favourite things right now. It can be used for dipping, drizzling or cooking. Made with red peppers and habanero chillies, it trully tastes like a home made sauce, with the added benefit of being made in Ireland. I adore it on everything. It's quite hot and fruity, but surprisingly managable for being an habanero sauce. It tastes really, really good!

Andrea & Andrew make their Garnacha range in Skerries with clean ingredients in small batches, you can trully taste their passion for chilli in every spoonful of their delicious salsa range. We are incredibly excited to see what else comes out of their kitchen soon.  

Detail: Habanero Salsa, Garnacha, 250 g

Care: refrigerate once open and use withint 5 days.