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Corn Tostadas, Charras

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There are Tostadas and then, there are Tostadas Charras. One of the most iconic Tostada brands in Mexico, I'm just over the moon to be able to offer them to you here! Tostadas are a whole corn tortilla fried and used as a based for so many toppings! They're basically a giant nacho.

These are just delicious. Made with a sturdy corn tortillas, lightly fried in sunflower oil and seasoned with sea salt, they are the perfect for all your crunchy needs. I totally adore them! spread a couple of spoonfuls of warmed refried beans, topped with some shredded chicken, lettuce, feta cheese and crown with some salsa and you have the quickest and tastiest luch or dinner you'll ever known! Great party food too!  

Details: Corn Tostadas Charras, 325 grams

Care: Keep in a dry, cool place. After opening, store in bag in an airtight container.