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Chocolate Ibarra, 360 g

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Mexican drinking chocolate is like no other. Spiced with caramel and cinnamon flavours, it is sweet, granular and traditionally presented in discs or tablets which are very hard. A cup of this foamy, warm drink will do you a world of good in a cold, damp day. I absolutely love it! Fabulous for cooking and to make ice cream!

Mexican drinking chocolate is a long standing tradition. This Ibarra drinking chocolate is deliciously flavoured with cinnamon & vanilla; the box has six individually wrapped discs of chocolate. It's perfect for both drinking hot or using it in savoury cooking (absolutely incredible in mole).

To make the chocolate gently heat the chocolate disc with one litre of milk and stir occasionally to help break the disc. Just before boiling, blend it or froth it to create the perfect Aztec chocolate drink.

Detail: Mexican Drinking Chocolate, Ibarra, 360 grams 

Care: keep in a dry, cool place.