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Whole Black Beans, La Sierra

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I adore Black Beans. They are one of the most popular varieties of beans in Mexico. They're medium size, with shiny, black skin and a tiny white dot where they germinate. Sometimes they're also known as black turtle beans. These Whole Black Beans have been cooked with salt and onion (as tradition dictates), and they are so delicious! 

A lot black beans found in Ireland in supermarkets and Asian shops are not the same variety as those grown in Mexico. They tend to have a less meaty flavour and be smaller and more round in shape. If you are a purist, like me, you'll notice the difference. 

In any case, the beans we stock are a product of Mexico, so nice, tasty and fresh! They are perfect for making your own refried beans or bean soups and stews. Naturally high in Iron and fiber, they are both healthy and delicious!

Details: Whole Black Beans, 560 grams

Care: once open, transfer to a suitable container and refrigerate. Consume within a week.