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Picado Dried Ancho Chilies

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Ancho chilies are a fruity and slightly acidic chilli, with sweet, prune tones to it and generally mild in heat. They are extremely popular in Mexican cuisine. They start life as green poblano peppers that are then dried to become Anchos. They are redish-brown in colour with a wrinkly look and soft texture.

They smell like sultanas and they add a depth of flavour to many moles and sauces in Mexico, I love them in baking or stuffed and since they're dried, they last almost forever in a mason jar!

At Picado Mexican, we are absolutely passionate about authentic Mexican food, the type of food I grew up with and Alan has grown to love. We source the finest of ingredients for our pantry range so you too can cook a true Mexican feast al home. 

Detail: Dried Ancho Chilies, Picado, 50 grams

Care: Store in a sealed bag or container and keep in a dry cool place