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Epazote Dried, 21 grams

by Terana

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Epazote, also known as 'Mexican tea' or 'wormseed', is a leafy Mexican herb extensively used both fresh and dried in Mexican cuisine. It has a highly aromatic, almost pungent smell, similar to fennel or anise only stronger, however its taste is hard to describe; it's acidic and almost bitter, reason why a little goes a long way, above all if you are using this dried variety.  

Used since pre-hispanic times by Aztecs and Mayans as a medicinal and cooking herb, epazote is essential in the cooking of beans. A carminative herb, epazote helps reduce the build up of 'gasses' caused by the eating of beans, so grandmothers and mothers in Mexico would always cook beans with some epazote to make them easier to digest. The herb also gives food a great flavour which is impossible to substitute. Epazote is also amazing with fresh cheeses, particularly good sprinkled over buffalo mozzarella in my opinion! 

In Mexico, epazote is widely used to flavour beans, soups, sopes, eggs, cooked vegetables, quesadillas, tamales and stews. It grows wild in many parts of Mexico and North America, but hard to find fresh outside those areas. This dried variety is excellent. 

Details: Epazote Dried, Terana, 21 grams

Care: store in its original container with the rest of your dried herbs in a cool, dry place.