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Picado Dried Mulato Chilies


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Mulato chilies start life as dark poblano peppers which are often the product of a second blushing in the poblano plant. They are never sold fresh, but are set to dry to turn them into Mulatos. They are darkish-brown, wrinkly and soft in texture, with a very similar look to their chili brother, Anchos. The best way to tell an Ancho from a Mulato is to hold it against the light. Anchos show redish tones in their skin, while Mulatos are completely dark. 

Often more concentrated and sweeter in flavour than anchos, Mulato chilies are fruity, with an amazing chocolate taste to them, hence also known as chocolate chilies. They have a little bit of heat, but nothing that will kill you. 

They smell like prunes and they add a depth of flavour to many moles and sauces in Mexico. When used in baking, they enhance the taste of chocolate and they are responsible for the beautiful black colour in many moles in the south of Mexico. Often misunderstood outside Mexico, Mulatos are delicious in both savoury and sweet dishes. I use them a lot in my kitchen and since they're dried, they last forever in a mason jar!

Detail: Dried Mulato Chilies, Picado, 50 grams

Care: Store in a sealed bag or container and keep in a dry cool place