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Blue Corn Masa GMO Free

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Naturelo is making some awesome masa-harina products that are guaranteed GMO free, so we're excited to stock them. I absolutely adore this Blue Corn Masa-Harina, not only it makes the most gorgeous blue corn tortillas, but it has a sweeter and nuttier taste than the regular white or yellow corn flours. Blue corn is an ancient variety of corn grown in Mexico for millennia; It is said to be more nutritious than the white or yellow varieties of corn and like many other blue foods, it is full of antioxidants. When you open the bag, the contents look like a very faint pale of blue, but when you add water, the colour comes on and it darkens a lot while cooking. 

The blue kernels have been cooked in an ancient process call nixtamalization, which basically soaks the kernels in an alkaline solution made of limestone and water; this cooking process makes the kernels easier to ground and much more nutritious. 

This Blue Corn Masa-Harina comes in one kilo bags and it is Gluten Free, made with 100% natural corn and it is GMO FREE. You can make blue corn tortillas, gorditas, tamales, sopes, pupusas, atoles, empanadas, huaraches and many, many other Mexican dishes. It's also good for baking and as a thickening agent for those with Coeliac or wheat intolerance. 

Detail: Masa-Harina, Blue Corn, 1 kilo bag

Care: store your masa-harina like any other flour, in a cool and dry place, properly sealed in its bag or in a container.