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Whole Pickled Habaneros

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I'm going to be dead honest with you; after 21 years in Ireland, habaneros are way too hot for my palate, so I'll be lying to you if I'd say these are one of my favourite products in the shop, I'm just no able for this level of heat; what I can honestly tell you is that in moderation, they make a fab flavouring for dips. I love taking a half of this chili and blend it into my ketchup or use it to make spicy crema. 

If you need an endorsement, my nephew loves them as they are - ie non diluted!!! He says they are spicy as hell, tangy, fruity and quite delicious, so I'm going to have to trust him and say, if you're into hot stuff, they are for you! 

Details: Whole Pickled Habaneros, Xatze, 250g

Care: refrigerate after opening.