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Tortilla Oven

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A few years ago, my dearest friend Norma brought me one of these from her travels. The package claims were substantial indeed: keeps tortillas warm for one hour, it's machine washable, it works in the microwave, etc, etc, etc. I rolled my eyes and thought -great! another gadget that doesn't work- I had it in the press for a while and one day decided to use it. I was so shocked to see it actually works!! 

I know this sounds too good to be true, but believe you me, I've tried it loads of times and it does work! I absolutely love it. It's machine washable, safe to be used in the microwave and it looks quite pretty too, so it can be brought from the microwave or your stove straight to the table and still look good.

We have a choice of five different designs for you to choose from the drop down menu. Best of all, you can also use it to cook/warm other stuff: bread, vegetables, potatoes (yes, yes, that's a vegetable too I know) and things like bagels, muffins, rolls, pastry and wraps. 

I have three in my kitchen and a few more in the shop for the classes. They are a super star product.

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