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Tamales - Online Cooking Class

Duration: 2 hrs

Tamales are one of Mexico's most revered national dishes; one of the first dishes ever recorded in the country's culinary history, as ancient as the Olmecs and as modern as some of the fancy restaurant kitchens in Mexico. They are a celebratory dish. Tamales are parcels made of maize dough, stuffed with either savoury or sweet fillings, wrapped in a dried corn husk or a cured banana leaf and steam till soft and fluffy. It is said that tamales have been eaten in Mexico for over 5000 years!

Join me in this 2 hour class to learn how to make northern style tamales, wrapped in corn husks and enjoy the technique and stories behind them. This online live class is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and carnivores - price per screen.

DISCLAIMER: This is a live event, recipes will be sent to participants in advance in case they want to cook along during the session, and a recording will be sent to the participants afterwards, so class fees are not refundable.

Tamales - Online Cooking Class

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