Tamales Corn Husks, Whole


Dried Corn Husks are used to make tamales. Tamales are a traditional Mexican dish made with corn dough that is stuffed with a savoury or sweet filling, wrapped in a re-hydrated corn husk and steamed until cooked. They are incredibly delicious and full of tradition. One of the oldest dishes recorded in Mexican history!

This tamales corn husks are whole, sturdy and rustic. They need about 30 minutes soaking in very hot water. We like them as they are trim-able and of good thickness. Very good to make tamales borrachos.

Detail: Tamales Corn Husks, Las Catrinas, 100 grams

Care: keep in a sealed bag in your cupboard until you are ready to re-hydrate them for your tamales making. If you soak them but did not use them, shake any excess of water, pat them dry again and let them finish off drying on the counter before packing them away. As a rule of thumb, husks are not reusable. 

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