Mexican Marinade

Mexican Marinade


This marinade sauce is smokey and punchy, even a tad bit bitter and super popular! The guys from El Sombrero recommend it for BBQ dishes and for cooking meats in the oven. Made with a mix of chillies, oregano, onions and spices. Pretty handy product if you want a quick marinade.

El Sombrero range of sauces are made with a lot of love by Michelle & Javier Garduno in County Waterford. This Mexican couple use nothing but clean, wholesome ingredients and their salsas are made with the Irish palate in mind, so they are mild, but tasty. All my Irish family loves them! 

Details: Mexican Marinade, El Sombrero, 200 mls. 

Care: Refrigerate after opening and consume within one week or best before date. 

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