Salsa Búfalo Classic

Salsa Búfalo Classic


Salsa Bufalo is one of those almost vintage sauces in the Mexican market. Launched in the early 1930s, the sauce became uber popular; I grew drizzling this thickish, tangy and mildly spicy sauce over crisps and in fruit and I sort of left it behind together with my obsession with the Back Street Boys after my teenage years... the sauce hasn't gone away and only recently, I rediscovered it with friends. It was like a blast from a happy past and I fell in love with it again as a grown up! 

The salsa is tangy and acidic with that lovely tame heat from Guajillo chilies. It is awesome with seafood but also with crisps or popcorn! I dare you! you won't look back.

Detail: Salsa Bufalo Classic, Herdez, 150 grams

Care: Refrigerate after opening and consume by the best before date

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