Salsa Bufalo Chipotle

Salsa Bufalo Chipotle


Reg Price €4.50

The first time I had this Salsa Bufalo Chipotle I literally went - WTF?! - I was expecting something completely different. This runny, thin sauce is more a hot sauce than a salsa. It has the smokey, bold flavours of smoked jalapenos and the tanginess of the original Bufalo sauce. I'm not mad about its consistency though, very, very runny, but the flavour lingers in your tongue, so I like that.

Much hotter than the Bufalo Classic, this hot sauce belongs in the snacking department in my opinion, but I'm happy to be proven wrong. Brilliant with popcorn, crisps, tortilla chips and peanuts. Possibly good with hot wings and definitely perfect with a beer too!

Detail: Salsa Bufalo Chipote, Herdez, 260 grams

Care: refrigerate after opening and consume within its best before. 

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