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Piloncillo, 950g approx

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Piloncillo is the rawest form of sugar in Mexico. It is made of sugar cane juice that has been poured into cone-shaped molds and heated until harden. It is been made in Mexico since Aztec times and it was commonly used way before refined sugar appeared. It's unrefined and unprocessed. 

With a rich, smoky, almost caramel like flavoured, piloncillo resembles molases, only better. Widely used in desserts in Mexico, to coat fruits and to sweeten drinks; your coffee will never be the same! It is also used in certain regions of Mexico to soak dried chilies in it to re-hydrate them and take down the heat a notch. This 1 kilo pack comes divided in small cones that can be grated, chopped or melted. 

Don't be put off by the size of the pack, Piloncillo lasts a long time, so you can put it into a mason jar and take it out as you need it. 

Details: Piloncillo, La Catrina, 950 grams approx

Care: once opened, put the cones in a sealed container or a mason jar and keep closed in a dry, cool place.