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Organic Agave Syrup

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Let's make it VERY clear. I like Agave Syrup, I don't think it is necessarily healthier than honey or sugar, coz it's not, but it is another form of sugar with a lovely hint of cacti to it. It's also vegan friendly, so it can be used instead of honey.

This is a modern product. My grandmother did not use it, my mother didn't use it and I only ever heard of it a few years ago. I thought, there you go, another way to shove sugar into us. I immediately hated it, didn't even tried it!! But it turns out, I was just being a bit pigheaded and once I came off my horse, I realised it is pretty damn tasty! 

This Agave Syrup is made in Mexico. It's organic and gluten free and quite mildly flavoured. I often use it in my baking and recently added it to a hot chocolate sauce with great results. 

Detail:  Organic Agave Syrup, blue Green Organics, 330 grams

Care: Store in a cool dry place and use within its best before date.