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Emerald Roasting Coffee Beans, Veracruz

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I've been really looking forward to offer Mexican coffee for a while, however, not being a coffee drinker, I was nervous to do the buying myself and for a long time, I kept putting it on the long finger worried about buying something that wasn't good. When Emerald Roasting came knocking at my door, I engaged the help of my knowledgable pals from C&H Coffee to help me taste this, not that I don't trust Alan's palate, but it's good to have two or three people tasting a product, they all agreed this was fab.

Emerald Roasting brings us this gorgeous coffee from the state of Veracruz, right on the golf of Mexico, from San Felipe Farm, a cooperative of 206 small producers that were guaranteed a secured price for their beans. The result is a coffee with delicious chocolate tones to it, with great depth and aroma, slightly stronger than the more floral coffees people usually drink in Ireland. 

This coffee is roasted in Co. Waterford and bag whole, so bear in mind you'll have to grind it yourself. 


Details: Veracruz Coffee Beans, Emerald Roasting, 227 grams

Care: Keep in a dry cool place, away from direct sunlight