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Luchito Honey

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This amazing Gran Luchito Honey is made with smoked Oaxacan Pasilla Chilies and Mexican Honey. As you know, we are great fans of the Luchito Chilli Paste, so when we heard about them making honey, we had to have it!

It has a lovely sweet and hot flavour and it is absolutely amazing for glazing chicken, pork, duck, game or your favourite veggies. We truly love it. It's the combination of smoked Oaxacan Pasilla chilies and Mexican honey that gives this product a very unique depth of flavour. Mexican bees in orange blossom areas give the honey a very distinctive and wonderful citrus-y taste, when Luchito Chilli Paste is added, the result is truly spectacular.

We've taken to use it a lot in our cheese boards (as a change from chutney) and in cheese sandwiches is out of this world!

Detail: Gran Luchito Honey, 250 grams

Care: once open, keep it in a cool dry place and try and finish it off within 12 weeks, I tell you it won't be difficult!