Kankun Chipotle Sauce

Kankun Chipotle Sauce


The Kakun Chipotle Sauce... what can I say about it? well this slim, glass bottle is packed with a blend of earthy and smoky flavours derived from its main heat source: Chipotle chilies. I love the fact that it is one of those rare salsas you can use to cook with or to dip in, the best of two worlds in my books, plus it's gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

When I got this sauce the first time to review it for the blog, I was skeptical; on paper it was all wrong: a Mexican sauce made in Colombia?! the thought of it! I had it in the cupboard for a while and when I finally got to it, I was blown away by how deliciously tasty it was! Comes to show, prejudice in the kitchen can only deprive you of the deliciousness out there in the world! But that's a long way back, since, I've fallen in love with their range, Rolando and Astrid, the pair behind this brand, are wonderful people with a damn good taste for Mexican salsas. Viva Colombia! 

Detail: Kankun Chipotle Sauce, 150 mls

Care: shake well before serving and keep it refrigerated once opened. 

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