Jalapeño Jelly


I've been looking for a decent Jalapeño Jelly for ages to no avail. When I vented my hungry frustrations with our friend Adam from The Purple Pantry, he offered to experiment with one of my favourite fresh chile and report on results. When he came back with the first samples, I was on cloud nine! Not only had I an amazing new jelly to add to our range, but I was also going to support one of my favourite entrepreneurial friends!

This Jalapeño Jelly comes in 220 gram jars, made in Ireland in small batches to ensure freshness of taste and using the best of ingredients. The Jelly is perfectly balanced, not too sweet or too hot, with the texture of a proper jelly and with fine bits of jalapeño chilies and seeds throughout. It's wonderful with cheese and in sandwiches or just as a dip with tortillas chips! 

The super young and talented team at The Purple Pantry makes all sorts of delicious jams and preserves and we are proud and happy to exclusively stock Adam's new Jalapeño Jelly and all of his Mexican inspired range in our shelves. 

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