Guerrero Salsa Macha

Guerrero Salsa Macha


This Guerrero Salsa is a super spicy peanut and arbol chili sauce. Commonly knowns as Salsa Macha it describes salsas made with chili and peanuts. You need to be 'very macho' to eat it. It's not for the faint hearted if you ask me. SUPER HOT but so delicious, once you have one taste you can't stop. 

The salsa is quite thick, so we use it more for cooking than for dipping and a layer of oil sits on top to keep it fresh. It's amazing for adding depth and heat to a dish and a little goes a long way. If you're very macho, you may also use it as an eating sauce. It obviously contains peanuts, arbol chilies and like with all of Laterra products, there are no nasties or E numbers in sight. Very clean and natural ingredient list plus it is gluten free! 

Detail: Guerrero Salsa Macha, Laterra, 235 grams

Care: Shake vigorously before use and refrigerate after opening. 

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