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Enchiladas - Online Cooking Class

Duration: 1.5hrs

Enchiladas are the most mis-represented Mexican dish ever. To begin with, they ARE NOT made with wheat wraps, they ARE NOT covered in yellow-plasticky-looking cheese, and they ARE NOT baked in the oven. Most importantly, they are NEVER, EVER in a pack!

So forget all you know about enchiladas and join us for some live cooking. Let us show you how easy and healthy these three dinners are while we talk about chilies, traditional cooking methods and all things tasty. This online live class is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and carnivores - price per screen.

DISCLAIMER: This is a live event, recipes will be sent to participants in advance in case they want to cook along during the session, and a recording will be sent to the participants afterwards, so class fees are not refundable.

Enchiladas - Online Cooking Class

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