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Don Paulino Hot Sauce Tradicional

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I came across this sauce recently and it instantly reminded me of school recess! I know, this is the weirdest way of describing a product, but for me, recess was all about the food! Getting in the cue to spend my pocket money on my favourite salty treat: a bag of 'duritos' with some hot sauce, lime juice and crema!  If you want to know what a 'durito' is, check out the Wheat Durito Pellets in the drinks and snacks section of the website! So when I tasted this sauce, I was back in the school yard eating a giant bag of these! 

Don Paulino Hot Sauce Tradicional has a gorgeous spicy and vinegary taste. With the right amount of heat that lingers in your tongue, but not enough to cause pain. Made in Jalisco, the land of Tequila, with a Mixture of chilies, it is super flavoursome and more on the Tabasco vibe than any other hot sauce we stock. Perfect to dash over snacks, drinks and seafood. It has definitely won my heart! 

Detail: Don Paulino Hot Sauce Tradicional, 150 mls

Care: keep in a cool, dark place.