Nagual Baked Tostadas

Nagual Baked Tostadas


Tostadas are traditionally fried corn tortillas. They're so tasty but not completely guilt free. This Nagual Tostadas are baked rather than fried, which makes them better for your.  They're 100% GMO Free corn and they are gluten, dairy and lactose free. Really low in fat and without any artificial flavourings.

They're perfect to enjoy in your packed lunch. Think of this tostadas as a giant nacho or a big cracker and top them up with some refried beans, chicken or vegetables and some tasty salsa. You won't regret having them! 

Detail: Baked Corn Tostadas, Nagual, 18 tostadas

Care: assemble your tostadas as you're about to eat them. Once opened, keep tostadas in an airtight container or ziplock bag to avoid dampness. Keep in a cool and dried place. 


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