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Churritos Cactus Snack - Habanero

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This snack is going to blow your mind. It is made out of organic Nopal, a cactus that is native to Mexico and corn flour. These little tubes of spicy, deliciousness have a soft crunch, with a hint of lime and a good level of heat from the habanero chilies, super tasty snack perfect for munching with a nice, cold beer. If you like Takis, you're going to love these! 

Nopalia is a socially responsible brand by a socially responsible company, with uses small organic nopal farmers to produce their range of snacks. Their production practices have a focus on environmental practices, using the fiber of the nopal for the snack and the water that the cactus produces to make this delicous product. 

The downer: they may contain traces of wheat and soy and are produced in an environment that handles peanuts and other nuts. 

Detail: Churritos Cactus Snack - Habanero, Nopalia, 100 grams