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San Marcos Chipotle Salsa

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If you’ve ever been at one of my cooking classes, you’ll know I am a little (or a lot?!) ‘judgy’ when it comes to bottle salsas. Salsas are so fundamental to a Mexican kitchen that I feel super guilty if I use one, like if I were a fake Mexican. So as you can imagine, I am UBER picky about bottle salsas and only use them if I’m super stuck and I want salsa without any effort or drama.

This San Marcos Chipotle Salsa is one of those that I pour with gusto, rinse the glass jar, put it in the recycling bin and quickly and conveniently forget that I didn’t make it! It’s so delicious and it avoids that horrid ‘preservative’ after taste that many bottled salsas have! It’s smokey, smooth, medium heat and super tasty! One of my favourite products right now in the shop!

Details: Chipotle Salsa, San Marcos, 230g

Care: Refrigerate after opening.