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Mexicans love chicharrones. The crunchy bits of pork rind are eaten everywhere in Mexico, both made fresh at the butcher with pork skin with a little bit of meat still attached, or bought in bags like this where it's only the rind.

Since we cannot import animal product directly from Mexico, I've spent years looking for an acceptable substitute available in Europe. After much search, I came across this ones and although they're from Thailand, they're pretty close to the ones in Mexico. I love them with a serious dash of Valentina sauce and a cod beer, but they're ok for cooking with too, so my chicharron in salsa verde dreams can now come true! 

It contains Soya

Detial: Chicharron Pork Crunch, Kiap Moo, 100 grams

Care: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sun light