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Chamoy Salsa

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When people ask me about Chamoy, I often struggle to describe it. Chamoy is made from pickled fruit, in this case pickled apricot (but can be mango or plumb too), mixed with a blend of chillies sugar and lime juice; it is tangy, salty, spicy and sweet with plenty of variation between spiciness and sweetness depending on the brand. Mexicans just adore it!


This Zaachila Chamoy Sauce is more salty than sweet, with a tangy taste, a medium level of heat and a thin, runny consistency, making it perfect for drizzling and dipping stuff into. While I much prefer the sweeter version of chamoy, I find this sauce really great for cooking with it, specially with a tiny addition of sugar.


Chamoy apparently originated as an 'umeboshi' experiment gone wrong  by a Japanese immigrant in Mexico, umeboshi is a sort of salted, pickled plumb traditional in Japanese cuisine and many would describe it as Mexican Umeboshi, but having tried both, I think that while Mexican Chamoy is inspired by the slaty pickled Japanese version, it has definitely more of an attitude and some fire in it!  Chamoy is eaten with fruit, drinks, drizzled over crisps and snacks, in granitas and even ice creams! It's absolutely bonkers!  


Detail: chamoy Salsa, Zaaschila, 185 grams

Care: Keep in a dry cool place. Refrigerate once opened.