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Canoe Shaped Molcajete

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This is the cutest of kitchen gadgets. It is a volcanic stone molcajete in a canoe shape. It's not incredibly traditional, it's quite dainty, but oh so pretty! if space is an issue for you and you don't plan on making industrial amounts of guacamole or salsa, this little mortar and pestle is perfect for you. 

The bowl is 22 cms wide, 11 cms deep and 6.5 cms tall. While the wooden base is 21 cms wide, 10cms deep and 2.5 cms tall. The pestle is about 13cms tall and only 3cms at its widest point. I love it for serving and honestly, looks amazing on the table filled with something delicious you made. These babies are heavy at 1.65 kg roughly in weight.

They are a once off product, we'll only sell them while stock lasts. 

As any volcanic stone gadget, they need to be cured before using them. We'll send you instructions with your purchase.