While we're off gallivanting in West Cork!
Yes, Alan and I are finally taking some time off for the first time in two years. While we are very sorry to close the shop for a few days, we do need the break and I hope you guys forgive us.
There's no need to go on full panic.... we have a cunning plan!
To celebrate the launch of their Mexican inspired range, the lovely team from The Purple Pantry will be hosting a series of tastings at Picado during our holiday break (and yes, you'll be able to buy tortillas while they're there too). Pop in and say hi and taste their delicious range of jams, preserves, marmalade, sauces and chili oil.

Adam and Kevin will be in store
on the following dates:

8th and 9th of August
15th and 16th of August

All online orders received from the 1st to the 16th of August will be shipped on the 17th of August and the physical shop will be closed during weekdays from the 2nd till the 17th of August, but we will be back on the 18th of August full of beans (literally) and ready to face the rest of the year in once piece! Enjoy the summer!

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