Mic's Sweet Chilli Sauce

Mic's Sweet Chilli Sauce


This Sweet Chilli Sauce is really delicious. Described my its makers as a South American-Asian style sauce, it is quite different to the regular sweet chilli sauces out there as it contains... wait for it... habaneros! 

Breath  some sweet fire into your food with this incredibly delicious sweet chilli sauce made in County Wicklow. The bottle is 275 grams of happiness to your taste buds. Try it with fish, shellfish or with tortillas chips, it's quite addictive!  Like all Mic's Chilli sauces, this one is preservative and colouring free and once you taste it, you won't want the usual stuff. 100% Irish product!

Detail: Mic's Sweet Chilli Sauce, 275 grams

Care: once open, refrigerate and devour within one month

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