Tamarind Syrup El Yucateco


This Tamarind Syrup is made with natural tamarind pulp and it makes a delicious cold drink. Aguas Frescas or 'Fresh Waters' are extremely popular drinks in Mexico, sold nearly everywhere they are wonderful thirst quenchers. 

To make your Agua de Tamarindo, mix one part of Tamarind syrup with 4.7 parts of fresh water (or five if you like your drink less sweet), add ice and enjoy this refreshing drink.  Super quick to make and very tasty! Amazing for cocktails too and way for it, this is perfect for glazing or marinading duck or pork!

Detail: Tamarind Syrup, El Yucateco, 700 mls.

Care: once opened, keep the syrup bottle close and in a dry and cool place. Consume within two weeks. 

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